Water Pump Rebuilding

A water pump assembly being tested and assessed.

Expert Water Pump Rebuilding Services

Rutt's Machine Shop offers professional Water Pump Rebuilding services for cars, trucks, tractors, boats, heavy equipment, and industrial equipment. We are also fully equipped to provide any custom machining required for older pumps with hard-to-find parts, or to fabricate replacement parts when originals are no longer available.

Water pumps are an essential part of most engine cooling systems, but hard usage over an extended time can combine to damage even the most durable water pump assembly. If your water pump is lagging or leaking, it may need to be replaced or rebuilt to prevent future risk of devastating problems, including your engine dangerously overheating or even complete engine failure.

Why should I have my Water Pump rebuilt?

The best reason to have your water pump repaired is cost and efficiency. It can be much cheaper than purchasing a whole new water pump, especially in the case of older model water pumps designed for engines that are no longer widely manufactured. Since our shop is equipped to completely rebuild water pumps in house, the expert craftsmen at Rutt’s can replace machine components that are no longer available for purchase (except at secondhand marked-up prices).

Rutt’s Machine Shop can rebuild both new and old-style water pumps, equipping them with new shafts, bearings, bushings, or any other necessary components to restore your pump to full functionality.

Let us provide expert help with all your water pump needs! You’ll appreciate the quality, integrity, and fast service we offer.

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