Mobile In-Place Machining

Mobile machining taking place at a customer's location

Would you rather pay $1000 or $10,000 for the same mobile in-place machining services?

That can often be the difference between the cost for doing machining work while your engine is still in place and the cost for pulling the entire engine out of the truck or boat to do the same work.

Would you rather be down for a few hours or for a few weeks?

That's often the difference in downtime for truck and boat owners who have their machining work done while the engine is still in place and truck and boat owners who have their entire engines pulled to do the same work.

With mobile in-place machining, we'll come to you.

The answers to these questions are expensively obvious. What may not be so obvious is that with just a phone call to Rutt's Machine, you can bring our Mobile In-Place Machining Services to your location to do your machining work quickly and inexpensively.

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Our Mobile In-Place Machining Service offers you all of these benefits:

Anywhere You Need us

Where you live or where you need service doesn't matter. Our headquarters are in Elizabethtown, Pennsylvania (10 miles from Hershey), and we regularly travel all over the USA and into Canada. Whether we have to come to you by road or by plane, we'll get to you.

Fixing the Problem, Not the Symptoms

A gasket blows, and the dealer replaces the gasket. The new gasket blows, and the dealer replaces that one. Then it happens a third time. What's wrong with this story?

What's wrong is that the gaskets weren't defective. What's wrong is that a problem in the engine was causing the gaskets to blow, and replacing the gasket didn't address the real problem. So, when Don Weaver repaired the real problem with the block, the engine worked just fine.

To be sure that you're fixing the true problem, call Rutt's Mobile In-Place Machining.

Our Mobile In-Place Machining services in action

Money-Saving Stories

A customer operates a tugboat in the port of Morehead city, North Carolina, and his contract stipulates that if he misses a deadline, he faces a fine of as much as $30,000. So, when his engine needed vital machining services, he had no time to waste. He made a call to Rutt's Mobile In-Place Machining Services, and Don Weaver was soon heading to North Carolina. He worked through Memorial Day weekend and got the tugboat back to work quickly.

Mobile In-Place Machining Services for the boat Lady Roslyn

Building New Machines

The people who design truck and boat engines don't always design the right tools to fix those engines while the engine is still in place. For example, many of our customers have been experiencing a specific problem with Cat injector seats. Cat offered no solution for this particular problem, except to replace the head at a price that can reach $10,000, plus the cost of extensive downtime.

So, we designed a piece of equipment that can machine the injector seats with the head still installed on the block. The results for our customers is an engine back in service quickly and at a tiny percentage of the cost of replacing the head.