Hot Tank Cleaning

Engine parts receiving a thorough cleaning.

Thorough, Professional Hot Tank Cleaning

Rutt's machine shop offers professional Hot Tank Cleaning services for those occasions when a really big cleaning job requires total immersion cleansing to cut through the thickest deposits of grime and gunk.

Hot tanking is a well-proven technique used throughout the metal production industry to clean very dirty metal structures or components such as engine blocks, heads, and other parts. The hot tanks contain a caustic hot water solution capable of removing even the heaviest oils, dirt, grime, and even most paints from the metallic surfaces. Even complex mechanical parts can be submerged in the solution for many hours, a process that allows the interior cavities of the objects to be completely cleaned.

Our Hot Tank

Our hot tank is an amply sized metal soaking tank containing a specially formulated caustic chemical and hot water cleaning solution. Metal parts and objects can be fully submerged in the solution and allowed to soak for many hours while the liquid cleaner circulates them, a practice is also known as “vatting” or “boiling,” since the metal items are soaked in a “vat” of near-boiling liquid. This is a very effective way to clean an engine block (hot tank engine block cleaning is popular, efficient, and relatively inexpensive).

Our staff here at Rutt’s strictly adheres to environmental rules and regulations to safely maintain the integrity of our on-site tank and cleaning system.

If you have a big cleaning job, whether it’s a whole engine block or even something bigger, don’t hesitate to contact us and ask for a quote! Our hot tank is standing by to serve all your large item cleaning needs. Contact us for a quote!

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