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Air Conditioning Specialists

RedDOT Corporation logoIn addition to keeping you running, our air conditioning technicians can keep you comfortable while you're working. We service and repair all types of air conditioning systems. We use Red Dot Parts, and we're members of – MACS – Mobile Air Conditioning Society and AERA.

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Rutt's Machine, Inc. now has a new service:

Mobile Air Conditioning Maintenance, Repair and Installation for Agriculture & Marine Applications, and Construction & Mining Equipment.

Rutt's Machine, Inc. is a member of MACS ( and a registered subcontractor through MSHA ( All Rutt's technicians are certified through MACS as required by Section 609 of the Clean Air Act. Rutt's technicians are also MSHA certified (Part 46 & 48) to work in coal mines and stone quarries. (Landfills do not require MSHA certification.) Rutt's has the latest instruments, tools, and technology to do these repairs. We also have the capability to make air conditioning hoses in the shop and in the field (Atco crimp and E-Z clip systems).

Rutt's has the ability to check purity of refrigerant and remove if contaminated. Rutt's can also discharge, vacuum, and recharge systems in the field. Rutt's has the ability to check for leaks through UV dye inspection, electronic sniffer, and nitrogen charge. Rutt's uses UView temperature scans to check for temperature differences in the cabs to fine adjust AC systems. Rutt's can install air conditioning/heat units in machines that previously didn't have air conditioning installed in them. Rutt's can retrofit any systems from R12 to R134A.

Rutt's has in stock many parts for a quick turnaround. Parts in stock at Rutt's include receivers-driers, expansion valves, 12V and 24V compressors, evaporators, cab filters, o-rings, condensers, and motors for your heavy equipment or Class 8 trucks. Rutt's is a dealer for Red Dot, Kysor-Bergstrom,  JBAR (Eagle), and DTAC.

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Air Conditioning Major Machines

  • Robinair 14830A Thermistor Vacuum Gauges
  • Mac/Robinair 34700Z R134A Recovery Vacuum, Recycle/Recharge Machine
  • Polarseal 77716 Hose Portable Crimper II (Atco Crimp)
    (Capabilities for Hose Sizes #6, #8, #10, #12)
  • Robinair Cooltech 17580 Flushing Machine
  • Robinair 17607 Universal Flushing Adapter Kit
  • Robinair 17680-2K Universal Recovery Station for Contaminated or Mixed Refrigerant (Scavenger)
  • Robinair 18340 Air Conditioning Valve Core Removal Tool Kit
  • TIF 9055 Refrigerant Scales
  • TIF Provax Portable Recovery and Vacuum Machine
  • Mac Tools Manifold Gauge Sets (R12/R134A)
  • Robinair 15600 Vacuum Pump
  • Honda EU2000i Portable Generator
  • Master Sanden Tool Kit
  • TIF 16900 Refrigerant Identifier
  • TIF ZX-1 Electronic Leak Detector
  • UView 580000 Temperature Scan
  • Robinair 17607 Flushing Kit
  • Neutronics AC Sealant Detection Kit
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