Engine Rebuilding

A certified Rutt's Machine technician repairing an engine.

At Rutt's Machine Shop, Inc. we strive to rebuild engines with the utmost care, quality, expertise, and longevity. We use the best quality parts in the market, whether aftermarket or OEM to give the best performance and warranty of the engine.

Each engine is disassembled, all the parts are thoroughly cleaned to remove debris, dirt and oils. Every bushing is inspected for wear. Ever accessory is inspected and rebuilt as needed (i.e. oil pumps, water pumps, accessory drives). Fuel injection systems are inspected and rebuilt. Cleanliness is a key to engine performance. All of the engines are assembled in a clean room with the utmost accuracy. All engines are built to OEM specifications, painted and dynotested.

After a "Rutt's Rebuild", we monitor our engines with oil samples to ensure proper life will occur. The best way to monitor our engines is for our customers to use them. Our engines are in a variety of conditions and applications from excavating and mining to trucks and boats. Our goal is to keep up with the ever changing technology and find ways to make our engines better as each day goes by and for complete customer satisfaction.

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