Fracking Pump Repair

Fracking Pump Repair in Progress at Rutt's Machine Shop

Accurate, Affordable Frac Pump Repair

Rutt's machine shop now offers frac pump repair, with an emphasis on accuracy, affordability, and reliability.

Using a Horizontal Jig Mill, our skilled technicians bring pumps back to OEM Specifications through an exhaustive process that includes these steps:

Frac Pump Repair Steps

  1. Remove Bearing Races
  2. Check Bore Size
  3. Check Straightness From Center of Crankshaft to Center of Pinion
  4. Remove Brass Sleeves
  5. Check Parent Bores
  6. Install Brass Sleeves
  7. Bore Brass Sleeves To Specs
  8. Bore Pinion Shaft Bore For repair sleeves
  9. Install Pinion Repair Sleeves
  10. Bore to Fit Bearings
  11. Drill for Upgraded Bearing
  12. Measure Pinion Bearings

The result is a frac pump that's as good as new and ready to get back to the tough job of drilling in the shale fields. Whether you're in the Marcellus region, the Utica region, the Devonian region, or even in the Bakken, your pumps will get the most accurate and affordable service from Rutt's machine shop. So for frac pump repair that's accurate, affordable, and reliable, contact Rutt's today.

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