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Shop Operations


Engine - Recondition As Needed



Block - Recondition As Needed

Please Supply Main Bolt Torque (Ft. Lbs.)

Clean & Magnaflux Block

Remove Cam Brgs. & Freeze & Oil Plugs

(Check / Line Hone / Bore) Main Bearing Housing Bores

(Spray Weld / Knurl) to tighten main caps

(Check / Resurface / Square Deck) Block

(Check / Bore & Hone) Cyls.

(Rigid / Flex) Hone Cyls. For New Rings

Bore & Install Repair Sleeve

Remachine Counterbores

(Remove / Measure & Install) Cylinder Sleeves

Pressure Test Block

Final Clean and Install Cam Brgs.

Final Clean and Install (Freeze / Oil) Plugs

Crank - Recondition As Needed

Clean & Mag. Crank

R&R Oil Plugs & Clean Oil Galleries

Check Shaft & Call

Polish Rod ( ) Main ( ) Journals

Regrind Rod Journals ( )

Regrind Main Journals ( )

Weld To Build-Up Rod Journal

Weld To Build-Up Main Journal

Weld To Build-Up Seal Surface

Weld To Build-Up Thrust

Stress Relieve in Oven

Blast Crank

Straighten Crank

Balance Crank Assembly

Clean Mag & Check Camshaft

Pistons - Clean & Blast

Remove, Clean & Install Pistons Onto Rods

Check Pistons

Rods - Recondition As Needed

Please Supply Rod Bolt Torque

Install New Rod Bolts

Clean & Magnaflux Rods

Check (Large End / Pin End)

Check Alignment & Adjust

Recondition Large End & Check Alignment

Rebush, Bore C to C, Fit & Check Alignment

Head(s) - Recondition As Needed

Basic Valve Job & Replace Freeze Plugs (Disassemble / Assemble Heads; Clean, Mag., & Remove Gaskets; Mic, Polish, Grind, Butt Valves; Machine Seats & Vacuum Test Are Included With Basic Valve Job)

Machine Seats to Min., Spec. (Int. / Ex.)

(Check / Average-Out) Valve Recession (Int. / Ex.)

(Check / Replace / Knurl) Guides & Fit As Needed

Bore & Install Guides & Fit As Needed

Bore & Install Valve Seats As Needed

Pull Seats & Install New As Needed

(Check / Resurface) Head(s) As Needed

Remove Broken (Bolts / Studs) & Heli-Coil

Resurface Rocker Arms

Replace Injector-Tubes

Pressure Test

Repair Cracks

Note: Send All Valves For Guide Fitting & Seat Work

Manifold(s) - (Clean / Resurface)

Flywheel - Resurface