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We are now capable of machining Cummins ISX block liner counterbores for Stainless Steel shims, all while the engine is still installed in the truck. We stock .018 & .040 SS shims for the ISX engine. Cummins is having a problem with sunken liners on the EGR engines. It is most likely due to the liners not being held down tight enough. The thrust of the piston is causing the liner to fret on the counterbore, which results in the liner wearing down into the counterbore. We have seen individual liners sunken .004 lower than the other liners in the same engine. Cummins liner protrusion specification is .007 - .014 and we recommend running them at .013 - .014 which will hold the liner tighter, causing less wear on the counterbore. The liner is cast iron & the counterbore is cast iron (similar metals) which when similar metals are allowed to rub against each other cause wear. By adding a Stainless Steel shim into the counterbore, this erosion will not happen as quickly, due to it being a dissimilar metal. Plus, this is about the only way to increase the liner height without resurfacing the block deck to below Cummins minimum deck height specification. Please contact us to come to your shop to save you big bucks, by repairing your block in-frame, saving you much down time on your truck. 

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